Vaping Esco Bars Mesh 6000: A Tour of My 5 Favorite Flavors

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 is a well-performing vape in the industry right now. This disposable vape comes with an enduring battery life, ample liquid storage, and an extensive variety of flavors. What truly grabs my attention with this vape is the range of tastes it offers. Some of the flavors are both rare and delectable, making you crave another hit. Hence, I’m presenting a list of my top 5 Esco Bars flavors for you to perhaps find your next favorite.

My Ride Through The Best Esco Bars Mesh Flavors

Discovering delicious flavors that you can always go back to is a journey of trial and error. In my trial and error journey, I discovered that these 5 Esco Bars Mesh 6000 flavors, including Black Dragon Ice, Berry Snow, Spearmint, Pixie Dust, and Ocean Mist, are incredibly tasty. See what I like about each one of them below.

Black Dragon Ice: Dance With The Frosty Breath

Black Dragon Ice Esco Bars is a mysterious flavor that does not suggest any kind of taste even in the name. It is a blend of flavors formulated to have your mouth dance with frosty breath. I feel a very light berry flavor, which is of a better quality compared to most popular disposable vape brands. Surprisingly, this Esco Bars vape is sweet but not fruity, making it an excellent choice for vapers who do not fancy fruity vibes. This disposable vape has a lot of ice that delivers incredible sensation and a cooling blast on the exhale. I would recommend this flavor to anyone who loves lots of ice and a little bit of sweetness.

Spearmint: A Breeze Of Icy Freshness

Your search for the real menthol e-cigarettes is over with Esco Bars Spearmint flavor. This is a flavor that I have avoided in the past, but when I tried it out of curiosity it made me realize what I have been missing. This particular taste is a fusion of mint and sweetness, offering a chilling sensation upon breathing out, reminiscent of freshly chewed mint gum. For the first time, I feel like breath mints have finally found their match in e-cigarettes. The taste of this Esco Bars is so wild and untamed. I could use it to freshen up my breath from time to time throughout the day.

Pixie Dust: Journey To A Sugary Realm

I like Esco Bars disposable vapes that taste like childhood and I am glad that Pixie Dust is one of them. This concoction offers a mix of berries, guava, and apple, transporting your taste buds to a sweet paradise. The fruity essence ensures a tantalizing experience that tempts a revisit. It is a delightful blend that promises a magical experience of mystical sweets that reminds me of candies I had in my childhood. On the inhale, this Esco Bars offers a whimsical sugary taste that I find comforting. I love that this flavor remains sweet even on the exhale with a delicious aftertaste.

Ocean Mist: Surfing The Vaporous Waves

Ocean Mist Esco Bars is fruity in all aspects, thanks to the blend of lime, sweet lemon, and coconut. This fruit blend reminds me of the deep blue sea so I recommend it to anyone looking to pause and relax, especially during a hot summer afternoon. The disposable vape offers a mild sweetness, complemented by a cool sensation reminiscent of a gentle sea wind. In brief, the taste is a perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and fruity flavors. It has a somewhat cooling finish with a mild throat hit that even beginners can enjoy. All in all this Esco Bars is long-lasting and satisfying. You’ll feel as if you are surfing the vaporous waves.

Berry Snow: Icy Adventure With Berry Ripeness

Have you ever had a snow cone overflowing with your favorite berries? That is the exact feeling that you get when puffing Berry Snow Esco Bars. Just as the name suggests the berry snow contains ice to awaken your senses with a chilly sensation. I feel the taste of strawberry in this flavor, so if you are a strawberry lover you’ll love this one. The strawberry is sweet and chilled, airy and not too tangy. It’s a flavor that will take you down memory lane to the strawberry ice creams you enjoyed as a kid.

The Final Words

In my opinion, these Esco Bars vapes are of the best quality because they are delicious from start to finish. There is no burnt or harsh aftertaste that is common with low-quality vapor. The flavor intensity is accurate and true to life. I am very picky when it comes to disposable vape and I like that these flavors do not feel artificial at all. Moreover, Esco Bars Mesh 6000 has a total of 12 flavors, meaning you have seven more to choose from if you don’t find your pick among the ones I’ve tried.

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