Esco Bars Mesh 6000 Exclusive Review: What Makes It A Best Vape?

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 looks like Esco Bars H20 in style and design except that it has no water. Its unique features, flavors, and functions that make it a great choice if you are looking for your go-to disposable vape device. This disposable vape is well-made, durable, good-looking, ergonomic, easy to use, and portable for you to take wherever you want. Keeping reading to find out what makes it the best choice.

Opening View Of Mesh 6000: Love It At First Puff

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 smells incredibly good out of the package and I find it enticing to try out. Just like most devices, it comes with a rubber tip and a seal on the air holes to keep everything airtight for your safety. I like the large mouthpiece; it grips really well on the lips as I take my first puff.

Mesh 6000 Unwrapped: A Detail-Rich Introduction

Prepare to dive deep into our latest review. Presenting a thorough and detail-rich introduction that leaves no stone unturned in unraveling the incredible features of Esco Bars Mesh 6000. But first let’s take a look at its pros and cons so you know what to expect.

Discover The Pros And Cons

Learn Its Flavors And Specifications

Magic Within Mesh 6000: Fascinating Features

Now let us take you through the features that make Esco Bars Mesh 6000 outstanding and fascinating

  • Enormous puff counts

Esco Bars Mesh boasts an enormous puff count of 6000 puffs that makes it more long-lasting than most of its competitors. Mesh 6000 features a large e-liquid tank that holds up to 15mL of e-liquid for extra longevity. So if you like to vape more frequently as I do, then you’ll really appreciate the longevity of this device. Under normal use, the puffs last me up to 2-3 weeks. However, if I puff frequently say 1000 puffs every day, this will last me about 1 week.

  • Draw Activated Operation

One thing I like most about Esco Bars Mesh 6000 device is the ease of use. It is equipped with a draw-firing mechanism that makes it very simple to use. Most of the devices without this feature tend to be tight and slightly difficult to use. But with this, I didn’t feel any restrictions or did I deal with pressing buttons to have it work. All I do is inhale to draw the smoke in and let it please my taste buds with incredible flavor as I exhale.

  • Adjustable Airflow

I prefer vape devices that offer adjustable airflow so that I can diversify the flavor intensity. And the good news is that Mesh 6000 offers this flexibility. This Esco Bars vape is engineered with adjustable airflow that dial on the base to enable you to diversify the flavor concentration according to your taste and preferences. Furthermore, the adjustable airflow also lets me customize the density of the clouds to suit my needs.

  • Advanced Mesh Coil

Another commendable feature of the Mesh 6000 is its advanced mesh coil, which is a specialty of Esco Bars brand. This mesh coil mechanism consists of a wide metal strip with holes through it. This mesh coil ensures more surface area in the device comes in contact with the wicking coil to ensure smooth and delicious flavor. The mesh coil is surrounded by a cotton piece to improve the vaping experience.

Vapor Test

Mesh 6000 from Esco Bars lived up to our expectations when we put it to the test. Here are some of the things that stood out

  • Cloud Creation: Throat Hit And Density

This disposable vapes delivers a huge cloud. It must be as a result of the advanced mesh coil that makes for smooth vapor production. Every pull is deep, long, and rich with a gentle hit that does not irritate the throat. Thus, Esco Bars Mesh 6000 is great for newbies and seasoned vapers alike.

  • Flavor Assess: Smoothness And Intensity

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 offers up to 12 mouthwatering favors to choose from whether you like fruity, creamy, or icy flavors to help you feel refreshed. Personally, I tried out the ocean mist and dragon ice flavors. They are smooth and the hits just right to my liking as if I’m taking the actual drink. Also, the vape bottle color reflects the color of the flavor for easy identification. Here’s an insight into what these flavors taste like

Black Dragon Ice

The black dragon ice tastes like blueberry and blackberry flavors expertly formulated into a one-of-a-kind sensation. It is smooth and delicious with just the right cooling blast on the exhale.

Ocean Mist

This particular blend strikes perfect balance: the tangy edge of lime, a subtle sweetness lemon aroma and distinct coconut-like flavor giving a pina colada taste. I love that this Esco Bars flavor gives a pleasant pause that is refreshing as I inhale and exhale with the right hit of menthol to cool things off.

  • Palate Fiesta: My Flavor Recommendations

Out of all the Esco Bars Mesh flavors that I tried, only three of them tickled my palate and left me craving for more. And I would recommend that you also try them out. Here they are:

  • Ocean Mist
  • Bahama Mama
  • Black Dragon Ice

My Vaping Experience With Mesh 6000

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 is an incredible disposable vape device that is would recommend to anyone. Here are some of the things that I love about it:

  • Portability: On-The-Go Vaping

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 has a unique bottle design that is larger than most vaping pens that we see around all the time. Yet it is still compact to fit nicely into my palms for comfortable use. Also, it is lightweight to fit easily in my purse or pocket for use on the go.

  • Durability: Designed For Longevity

Design-wise, I feel this device is durably made to withstand a few drops without getting damaged. It is constructed of the highest-quality materials both inside and out to deliver dependable service. Similarly, it is equipped with a large tank to hold more juice that will give you numerous hits. As if that’s not enough, Esco Bars Mesh comes with a long-lasting battery to power all the 6000 puffs to satisfy you like never before.

  • Ease Of Use

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 is very simple to use thanks to its ergonomic body that feels smooth and comfortable to hold. I like that it has a flat base that you can just place on the table or any other flat surface in an upright position when not in use. Also, the mouthpiece is large enough, allowing for effortless draw and operation.

  • Cumulative Experience: Remarkably Outstanding

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 is like nothing I’ve tried before, just remarkably outstanding. It has a unique rectangular shape with round edges and a smooth body. The shape resembles a small bottle that I find really cool. And the glossy finish is a beautiful sight to see.

Esco Bars Mesh 6000 And Similarities: Differences & Judgments

Akin Products Of Mesh 6000

Comprehensive Comparison

ProductEsco Bars Mesh 6000Esco Bars H20 6000Fruitia x Esco Bars
E-Liquid Capacity15mL15mL15mL
Charge PortType-CType-CType-C
Nicotine Level5%5%5%
Water-Based Tech××
Adjustable Airflow
Lifespan2-3 Weeks3 Weeks2-3 Weeks

Star Ratings & Overall Score

Esco Bars Mesh 6000


Esco Bars H20


Fruitia x Esco Bars


The Final Draw

I think Esco Bars Mesh 6000 is well-made in terms of look and performance. Its meticulous craftsmanship shines through its ergonomic design, which is not only visually pleasing but also delivers a comfortable hand-feel during vaping sessions. Also, the flavors and color options are just amazing. Based on these merits, I’d rate this disposable vape a 4.5 out 5 and sincerely recommend giving it a shot.

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