Esco Bars H20 6000 Review: Dig Into Cutting-Edge Water-Based Vaping Tech

Esco Bars H20 6000 is the latest invention from the Pastel Cartel Brand in conjunction with Esco Bars and Aquios. Featuring AQ30 technology, this vape suspends nicotine in water to ensure smooth and more satisfying flavors. The addition of water helps to reduce the dehydrating effects of vaping, providing a more saturated flavor with reduced throat irritation. Besides, it is available in 5 flavor profiles to suit various tastes and preferences.

My First Encounter: Unboxing Esco Bars H20

This disposable vape is packaged just like the rest of the devices in the industry and it smells really good out of the box. I could feel the scent of the flavor even before I tried it out. This device comes with a rubber tip and sealing on the air holes just to keep it airtight. I feel that it is ergonomically designed with a smooth body that feels great in my palms. I noticed this device has adjustable airflow and a type-C charging port discretely located on the bottom.

Breaking Down The Features

Esco Bars H20 is loaded with numerous features that make it unique and incredibly satisfying. But before we delve into the features, let’s take a look at its flavor profile, shall we?

  • Flagon-Shape Design: Aesthetics Meets Function

I like the feel, size, and design of Esco Bars H20. Unlike most disposable vapes that are a little long, this device has a flagon shape that offers an easy grip. It feels very solid in the hands, allowing exceptional control and comfort while vaping. Furthermore, this design is not only fascinating but also portable enough to slide into my pockets when not in use.

  • Aquios’s Innovative Water-Based Nicotine

The Aquios water-based nicotine is the secret behind Esco Bars H20’s incredible flavor and clarity. This technology infuses nicotine with 30% of distilled water to deliver a more natural flavor that is light and hydrating. This formulation has undergone strict quality control to ensure all products are safe and free of contaminants.

  • Delve Into Advanced Mesh Coil

Due to its water content, Esco Bars H20’s mesh coil takes less time to heat up the e-liquid. This is because water has a lower boiling point, meaning quick heat-up time. Also, it helps that this device uses an advanced mesh coil that is more durable and highly effective. In my experience, I think this mesh coil is more durable than the regular mesh coils found in other disposable vapes.

  • Built To Last: Enjoy Up-To 6000 Puffs With Esco Bars H20

Housing a 650mAh rechargeable battery, this device is undoubtedly built to stand the test of time. What I find the most convenient is the type-C charging port that allows for faster charging. For this reason, I can charge this disposable vape almost anywhere. Once fully charged, I can enjoy up to 6000 puffs of uninterrupted vaping, which I find very satisfying.

Leap Forward With Water-Based Innovations

Esco Bars H20 6000 disposable vape is the first of its kind as far as water-based e-liquid is concerned. Let’s take you through this invention briefly below.

Smoother And More Stable: Advantages Of Low-Temperature Vaping

Being water-based, this disposable vape operates at a much lower temperature unlike its regular counterparts. Thus, it ensures chemical stability during the vaping process for smoother and more stable hits every time. The regular disposable vape e-liquids are too sweet with artificial flavors but this tastes more natural and delicious.

Experience The Purest Clouds: Unparalleled Vaping Sensation

I must admit Esco Bars H20 has the purest flavor and cloud out of all Esco Bar vapes that I have tried so far. It produces lighter and cleaner vapor that tastes more natural and refreshing. As I inhale I notice the light vapor and on the exhale the vapor feels pure and refreshing. This is amazing considering it has no ice feeling at all.

Say Goodbye To Dryness And Allergies: The Benefits Of Water-Based Tech

The smoother hits help to reduce throat irritation, making every puff easy and comfortable. The addition of water helps to minimize the dehydrating effects of vaping. Most of the vapes that I have tried before leave my throat feeling dry and irritated. But this one is smooth and full of flavor that I can puff it over and over without feeling parched or irritated.

Put It Into The Test

When we put Esco Bars H20 into the test, we noticed so many features that are worth sharing. Here they are:

  • Evaluate The Vapor Production

I like that Esco Bars H20 comes with two air holes that allow me to customize the vapor production. All I do is puff with both the air holes open or one closed just to diversify the flavor intensity and cloud density. Moreover, adjusting the airflow allows me to enjoy MTL or DTL from time to time.

  • Assess The Manufacturing Quality

This water-based disposable device has a top-rate build quality that will see it stand the test of time. It looks really simple yet feels smooth and solid in the hand. It is complete with a skull logo as well manufacturer details on the side. I like that the charging port is located at the bottom so it doesn’t cause any distraction during use.

  • Explore The Portability & Convenience

Esco Bars H20 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and convenient to vape just about anywhere. I can almost palm the whole of it in my hand and vape discreetly in public without attracting attention.

My Personal Experience With Esco Bars H20

I think Esco Bars H20 6000 is an innovative and simple disposable device. It is easy to use and to carry around. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to find their ideal device. This disposable vape performs incredibly well in my option, especially since it takes only 2 hours to fully charge. And the flavors taste really good, almost true to life given that water is mixed in the e-liquid.

Esco Bars H20 6000 V.S Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

ProductEsco Bars H20TWIST 6000 PuffsFruitia x Esco Bars
Max Puffs600060006000
Battery Capacity650mAh650mAh650mAh
Pre-Filled E-Liquid15mL15mL15mL
Nic Salt Level5%5%5%
Water-Based Nic××
Adjustable Airflow
Lifespan3 Weeks2-3 Weeks3 Weeks

Overall Rating

Esco Bars H20


TWIST 6000 Puffs


Fruitia x Esco Bars


Why Esco Bars H20 Is A Game-Changer

Composed of 30% water, Esco Bars H20 performs incredibly well, especially for people who experience allergies and throat irritation while vaping. This device contains less PG and GV in the e-liquid; thereby, you won’t be dehydrated while vaping. Moreover, it carries a lot more flavor than you’d expect from a water-based e-liquid, which is a game-changer if you ask me.

My Final Verdict

Esco Bars H20 performs and tastes better than many disposable vapes. It has an amazing build quality in beautiful colors and enticing flavors to choose from. My only concern is that there is no battery charge level indicator given that it is a rechargeable device. Otherwise, it still performs well even when the battery level goes down. For these reasons and more, I’d rate this device 5/5.

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